This is a system through which user can directly make call to staff. Call will connect directly and it will also automatically save recording for further assistant.


1) User Registration

2) Select staff person with whom want to make call

3) Call will automatically connect


  1. Contact information can be choose by admin and also can make changes.
  2. It's platform independent so it will use in any device.
  3. Automatic recording will start when call is connected.


Every user want to contact staff member and it's quite difficult to provide to every user. Call bell are quite difficulty to understand user needs.

So Elta is a system through which user can directly connect with needed staff also its very attractive in presentation. Hotel also can track record for further reference.

Language Supported

English, French & Dutch.

Technology & Integrations

  • Technological Domain - PWA [ Progressive Web App ]
  • Backend - Node with koa
  • Front-end – Ionic 4
  • Database – Sequelize
  • Third party Api for calling - Twilio