Wow-Connect is a SAAS system used to manage multiple reseller,Company and user. Also reseller can handle their all internal connectivity like Company, Services, Booking and Users. All the services are interconnected and easy to manage and track records.

One System for Multiple work

These System have 5 panels to manage activity -

  • Super Admin
  • Reseller
  • Company
  • Primary User
  • User

Multiple work can manage by single system -

  • Services
  • Booking
  • Connect
  • Client

1) Services -

  • Track clients used services.
  • Warehouse Management.
  • Work-Order Management.

2) Booking -

  • Manage and track client booking for services.
  • Manage items and vouchers for services.

3) Connect -

  • Can manage User, User group, Notification & Location
  • Here all devices can manage.

4) Client -

  • User can manage their activity.
  • Also can check their data.
  • Select language and can set up as per their requirement.

Scope of these System

  1. Super Admin can create multiple admin and give permission to access manage system.
  2. A Reseller can create and handle New Reseller and Company.
  3. Company can manage and create New company and User.
  4. All the system are interconnected so very user friendly to handle everything.
  5. These system is used for manage multiple reseller under one single system.


In every big system it's quite difficult to track records and manage multiple services under one system. So this system is mainly used to manage and interconnect with multiple services. Also this provide a number of feature through which owner can easily manage all things.

Strategy & Solution

  1. Owner can distribute roles to multiple admin and can give permission to access system.
  2. A reseller can handle and track records of multiple company under one system.
  3. Company can manage and separate their all services and users.
  4. User can get details about their used services.

Technology & Integrations

  • Laravel - For API.
  • Mongo - For unstructured data sets.
  • MySQL - Primary DB for relations data.
  • SCSS - Variable based CSS scheme so clients can apply side wide color scheme by just changing few variables.