Goally device helps children and parents for a better way to teach his child to be independent, without the stress of always being the reminder or enforcer.


Every parent want to give their children the best possible start in life however, because of busy schedule it's been tough to follow daily-schedule.

So Goally aim to use technology, child-behavioral science, and the shared knowledge of all the parents in the Goally parent community to help you and your child to stick on the daily routine and strengthen their confidence by following schedule where they learn important executive functioning skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Strategy & Solution

  • Completely customisable to fit your unique child and schedule.
  • Get guidance and relief from a child-behavior expert, through a personal call or email.
  • Connect and share ideas in our online parent support community.
  • Get support by phone or email from our parent-success team, who use Goally with their own children.

Goally App

Goally app is fully managed by parent to customise schedule of their child. For that parent has to logged in the app and they can set daily activities as per below screen:

Here user can set and edit routine for selected day as per their requirements.

This is schedule screen where you can see your child today and tomorrow schedule and red dot on user image represent that your child goally device is not connected.

And this app also provides reward points to your child to encourage them and help them feel confident and stick to the routine activities.


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