Craftsman Site is a communication portal. It’s the link between you as a user and the company you are looking for to find the very best local offer on your craft project while making the gap between the need and the solution shorter, smarter and more transparent.


At Haandvaerker Site provides service and user-friendly as top priorities. To avoid the communication gap between user and solution provider also avoid time consuming process this portal provide you offers on craftsman jobs, job search, equipment offers, solutions for emergency assistance and employee acquisition.

System is managed through below roles

  • Super admin: Manage and keep track of all the activities of user and company owner.
  • Company owner: As per user requirements they provide craftsman to relevant user and for emergency cases they offer nearest craftsman quickly.
  • User: From this job portal a user can hire any type of craftsman and can read their reviews, see the company profile and then mark the 3 companies you want to offer from and get the best service shortly.

Here user can check company profile and rating also user can also provide reviews after using craftsman’s services based on their experience.

Strategy & Solution

  • Offers on craftsman jobs
  • job search
  • equipment offers
  • solutions for emergency assistance and employee acquisition.
  • Emergency assistance to get nearest craftsman.

Craftsman’s Site is a communication portal where you can get best solution by hiring specific craftsman, reviewing their company profile and previous feedbacks or you are looking for a craftsman urgently, outside normal opening hours. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to create a CV or apply for a job within the craft industry.


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