SalesTrendz is the mobile app and cloud software. Single system with multiple benefits for the Sales Team, Customers, Suppliers and Decision Makers. It is an enterprise solution with live Tracking for Order Management, Performance management, sales analytics and activity tracking, Customer and suppliers management.


Sales industry have to track every record about sales person activities, Customers, Suppliers and whole the system which are involved in sales and also have to manage them through Calls, Mail, Reports, Sales Plan. So some time it’s quite difficult to manage all of them separately and also it’s take more time and less activity for management. So SalesTrendz brings a user friendly solution to manage every things under one system with multiple features and benefits.

System is managed through below roles

  • Super Admin – Can manage whole system and also can create multiple admin for manage work.
  • Admin – Can manage whole system same as super admin except some setting and creating admin function.
  • Manager – Can manage and track Sales person and distributors. Also can manage order and take work from sales person.
  • Salesperson – Can take order from customers and distributors. Also take follow up and track record of tour.
  • Distributors – Manage customers and track order.
  • Customers – Can order through Distributors or Salesperson.

Strategy & Solution

(1) Sales Force Automation – Below is feature covered in this system.

  • Salesman Tracking
  • Field Activity Tracking
  • Sales Order Tracking
  • Route Management
  • Software for Sales Manager
  • B2B sales

(2) Distribution Management System –

  • Order Management
  • Distributor Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Distributor Inventory Tracker
  • Distributor Scorecard and Target Tracking

(3) Field Sales CRM Solutions –

  • Lead management
  • Digital Contact
  • Territory Management
  • Customer Data Grid
  • Quotation and Proposal Management
  • CRM With GPS

(4) Field Employee Management –

  • Staff Tracking Software
  • Helpdesk and Ticketing
  • Employee Attendance and Scorecard
  • Field force Tracking and Reports
  • Quotation and Proposal Management
  • Expense Management

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