This is an All-In-One web portal for Student and Instructor to manage and research Udemy Courses. An Instructor can Monitoring keywords, Track rating, review for own courses and other author course as well. Through this portal instructor can track competitor’s daily sales and keyword rankings. The competitor analysis feature lets you keep an eye on rankings and promotions. Receive notifications whenever another Instructor hijacks your listing.


Udemy marketplace insights is a very weak course research tool. Udemy insights aim to give you some course research that won’t be too competitive against other and not too detailed. Teachinguide gives you all the information from the beginning, trend information, ranking analytics, competitor tracking and so much more. Online course research for real Udemy course ideas is only possible with Teachinguide.

Project Details

Here are some step by step process of website for showing working structure. It will help to understand website features.

Different types of Login/Registration option.

Dashboard – Student / Instructor can fetch their all details through Udemy by selecting-option here and by choosing their author name.

Here are two option:

  1. I am already a UDEMY instructor – By selecting this option user can search their name and it will easily fetch all the details from UDEMY website.
  2. I’D like to become a UDEMY Instructor – Here user can research all the courses with differently type of filter.

Instructor Dashboard – Can graphically check Rank, Review, Rating, Total Student.

Instructor Courses Listed – All the courses are listed with details view.

Monitored Courses – All the courses listed which added for monitoring by Instructor.

Courses Dashboard – Here all courses with detailed graph view, Courses can search here.

Courses Ranking – Graphically view of courses Rank.

Courses Keywords – Can filter all courses for research and manage as require.

Courses Research – Can filter all courses for research and manage as require.

Research SubCategory –

Research Topics –


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